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Designed to save you time and money, our unique services enable you to ship products directly to your individual supporters, with all communication branded with your logo and custom message!


We ship any item, from single units to bulk quantities. Whether it's from our catalog, a customized product you order from us, or another source,
we offer fulfillment services to fill any need. Benefits include:

  • No need to pack and ship your own premiums; no packaging materials to buy
  • Secure storage of your inventory
  • Quicker premium delivery to your supporters
  • Customized supporter emails
  • Customized and personalized package inserts
  • Web-based ordering and reporting
  • Efficient, expedient fulfillment of your orders
  • Numerous shipping options including our "rate shopping" to save even more
  • All services ship directly to supporters in the USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam

Save your station time and stress with Forest’s Fulfillment Services

Even though thank-you gift fulfillment may be the last mile in your regular sharathon, it is far more than simply getting thank-you gifts in the mailbox. Premium fulfillment is an extension of your relationship with your supporter. That small package represents the first tangible contact with your supporter, don't you want it to embody the gifts you have already shared with your listeners? That is why you want to do this well, while keeping your budget and labor resources in mind.

How do you make the right choices in fulfilling thank-you gifts to your supporters?

When deciding on the important job of storing and fulfilling your supporter premiums there are a few crucial elements to consider: pricing, security, station branding/communication, quality of service, and the staff resources required to manage your station’s fulfillment.

Apples to Apples Comparisons

Pricing is always the first consideration. The lowest quoted price is always best, right? Not always. What may seem to be a low unit cost may surprise you once you look at all the hidden charges that may be lurking in the standard fulfillment house ‘fine print’. Look for some of these common ‘add-on’ fees:

  • Line item fee
  • Initial account set up fee
  • Monthly pallet or bin fee
  • Inventory Product#/SKU fee
  • Receiving fee
  • Order cancellation fee
  • Rush order fee
  • Etc.

These micro fees can really add up! The good news is that Forest does not charge for ANY of these!

Why Choose Forest?

When you choose Forest, you know that we will treat your inventory and supporters as though they were our own.

1)  Forest Pricing is Straightforward

At Forest there are no hidden fees and we offer a multitude of services for a flat (per unit) cost. There is an added benefit with Forest that other fulfillment houses don’t offer: When you purchase product from us to be fulfilled through Forest Direct™ you save on freight, insurance and warehousing. We take care of purchasing the stock, forecasting and vendor negotiations. Plus, there are no theft or damages issues to worry about, no preordering, no dead stock, returns, no minimum orders, no inbound freight charges or transit associated losses.

Through our Forest Plus™ service, we can also warehouse and fulfill the product you create or purchase from other vendors.

2)   Forest Direct™ is Different The Forest family of fulfillment programs offers quick and worry-free fulfillment to your supporters. We work hard to continue the positive connection between you and your supporters through this process. Forest Direct features:

  • Easy order upload process
  • Package inserts with Customized Thank you messaging and your station’s logo
  • E-mail shipping notification to your supporters
  • E-mail backorder notices to your supporters
  • E-mail order confirmations for the station buyer
  • 10 shipping options (including rate shopping to remove guesswork)
  • Shipping to USA, Canada, Puerto Rico, Guam and the Virgin Islands
  • Online inventory reports
  • Supporter satisfaction!

3)    Our Customer Service Team is friendly and reliable. We’re dedicated to serving your station’s needs – from product questions to sorting out a supporter’s problem for you.

4)    We are Warehouse Professionals. Forest has a stable, locally sourced, full-time warehouse staff that is dedicated to serving your fulfillment needs. When you fulfill through Forest, you don’t have to worry about non-compliance with federal and state laws or subcontracting to fulfillment houses that play fast and loose with rules and regulations. Our facility is OSHA compliant, with our warehouse team receiving safety training and certification for equipment operation.

5)    High standards. Many companies will only look at exterior damage while Forest checks for loose DVDs or CDs (“shakers”) in addition to torn/tattered book covers, flawed imprints on custom products, etc.

6)    Efficient and reliable packaging. Tailored to each product’s specific needs, we maximize care with our packaging materials to minimize damages to your supporters.

7)    Eco-conscious. We have taken great care to equip our facility with energy-saving lighting and are proud of our on-site recycling program that includes the recycling of packing materials.

8)    Important extra services to streamline your Sharathon at no charge

  • Real time, web-based order status information and downloadable reporting
  • Free product research tool. If items are not readily visible via Forest’s website or catalog – we have created an on-line research form where your research needs are attended to by our staff of media professionals.